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You are registering for a single participant account in the Build Math Minds PD Membership. This is a $39/month subscription that can be cancelled at any time.  The email entered on this registration form will be used as the account Username.  If you have previously been a member or have taken a paid course please use the same email address for this registration. If you no longer have access to a past email or need to change your email address proceed with this registration and then email us at  We will need to combine your old and new account manually.

If you are a school administrator seeking to setup an account for a staff member please use our school registration area here.  A school registration allows the billing responsible to receive the invoice while registering an account for a staff member.  If you need to register multiple accounts please go to our school registration group pricing area here.  If you are a school admin who wishes to register a monthly subscription and not a school registration please enter the email address of the staff member here.  All receipts will go to the staff member.  Please do not register yourself and have the staff member use the account as Certificates of Completion are issued to the name entered during registration.

If you are unsure of how to register just email us at:

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